Friday, November 2, 2012

Tackling the Portrait Blouse

This sewing book came with several sewing patterns: a pencil skirt, the portrait blouse, the sultry sheath, the scalloped-waist skirt, a bow-tied blouse, the sweetheart sundress, the wiggle dress, the shirtwaist dress, the suit jacket, and the coat dress. Let me also mention that she includes variations on her patterns to create additional wardrobe essentials. Genius!! So, I have had the book for several weeks and finally decided to reach for the envelope that holds all these sewing patterns. Here is when I became a sewing geek because there was so much thrill from unfolding the portrait blouse sewing pattern.


In order to transfer the sewing pattern on to butcher paper with accuracy, I use a needlepoint stiletto tracing wheel, cardboard grid, circle weights (officially called "flat washers" from Home Depot) and a pencil. I took my measurements based on the sizing from the book and decided to use the size 12 above the waist and size 16 below the waist. I used my styling design ruler that can be used for armhole and hip curve grading to change the seam line. After I finished "transfering" the center front markings, I used a marker to trace over the pencil markings. This is what I ended up with:



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