Saturday, October 20, 2012

Exploring Mail Order Vintage Sewing Patterns

I found some great mail order vintage sewing patterns on my size through Ebay. I wanted to find vintage patterns on my size to eliminate any kind of grading or slash and spread stuff to match the fitting to my curves. I need more practice on that, but not today. So here is what I won. Peep this:
I knew nothing about mail order sewing patterns, but I knew I wanted them because they were in my size. So, I started digging through the internet for information about Anne Adams mail order sewing patterns. 

The best resource I found is here--> 

Now, the patterns that I received all have their envelopes minus one and all came with the factory folds. Here is a closer look at the pattern I will explore:
 There were several things I noticed that are different than the current sewing patterns. First of all, the paper used to print the patterns was less flimsy. It had more sustainability which made it easier to pin to fabric. I noticed that the pattern laying on the fabric did not slide or get wrinkles. These were all bonus points for the mail order sewing pattern. Secondly, the ink was bolder, easier to use and clearly leads the eye to the cutting lines. Look closely:
[pocket pattern, front/back facing]

As you can see, anyone new to sewing could easily notice the difference in amount of ink used to  distinguish seam allowance and cutting lines.  Lastly, the sewing pattern gives the directions along with explanations and diagrams about certain details about completing the sewing pattern successfully. 

By far, the best usage of print!! In order to complete my dress, the pattern company provided various diagrams about what to do first, before you start to cut, how to mark the fabric with a tracing wheel, how to join the seam, direction of stitching seams, how to press seams, how to add finishing details, how to complete hems, how to set sleeves, how to mark bound buttonholes, how to do bias finishes, and how to complete a faced belt with carrier.

These sewing hints are a genuine treasure that are worth exploring for any home sewer at any level.      


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