Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Maxi Dress Desire

I need a maxi dress suitable for work with sleeves, so I have been "virtually window shopping". Check these out:
     Naya Maxi Dress 
If you are interested, you can buy it here. An interesting design detail about this dress, it has a side zipper. On to the next:
If you are splurging, you can buy it here.

This one shows too much skin for work, but it's perfect for summer. You can find it here, if you are interested.
I have a beige denim cropped jacket, so I could make this maxi dress appropriate for work. If you want to add this to your wardrobe, you can buy it here.

Later, I will go through sewing patterns to replicate a maxi dress.


Monday, May 13, 2013

First "Copy Cat" Version of a Sports Bra

I started with a sports bra purchased from a retail store, as seen here:
I used some newspaper and a highlighter to trace the outline of sports bra. I folded the center front and center back. Check it out:
After I had my pattern pieces, I pinned them on donated swimwear fabric, cut the pieces and basted. I did add another layer of swimwear fabric for lining. And Voila:

I attached the band using a slipstitch, and all I need is to set in the elastic. This is my first "copy cat" project, and it will most likely not be my last one. Nite. Nite.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


After hours of tracing, fitting, and re-pinning, I can almost see the finish line for B5895. Peep the views:


The fabric is stretch cotton purchased years ago. I really wanted to finish this today since the weather has been getting hotter and I need some capris badly. Once I have the desired fit worked out, I plan on making a couple more. So, my time with this pattern is not over, but it is for now.

Buenas Noches.

Possible Fitting Solution

Currently on my foldable table, lay the pattern pieces for B5895 as seen here. I have made several fitting adjustments to capture the essence of these close fitting capris with a back zipper. First of all, the model must be as tall as a giraffe, because I have had to shorten the pattern pieces by five inches. Ok, well maybe I'm shorter than I thought. Nonetheless, that change got taken care of. Secondly, I lowered the waistline by an inch and a half simply due to personal preference. During the tissue-fitting, I was able to double check the outer side seams. I would like to achieved the same look, so I am pin-fitting with minimal ease. Thirdly, I had to redraw the "U" shape on the front and back pieces because the lines were sitting too low compared to my curves. This was my first attempt at ever changing the crotch curve. Hopefully, it all works out.


Now, for the problem at hand. I would like to get rid of the extra fabric creating ripples under the model's toosh.   During my tissue-fitting, I noticed the same thing. So, I did and image check on Bing to see pictures of other capris with a back zipper. I found this one:


Do you see what I see? These capris have princess seams that would probably be unnoticed on darker fabric. Would this be the solution to get rid of the extra fabric hanging under the pompis [another Spanish word for butt]???

To Be Continued...