Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Maxi Dress Desire

I need a maxi dress suitable for work with sleeves, so I have been "virtually window shopping". Check these out:
     Naya Maxi Dress 
If you are interested, you can buy it here. An interesting design detail about this dress, it has a side zipper. On to the next:
If you are splurging, you can buy it here.

This one shows too much skin for work, but it's perfect for summer. You can find it here, if you are interested.
I have a beige denim cropped jacket, so I could make this maxi dress appropriate for work. If you want to add this to your wardrobe, you can buy it here.

Later, I will go through sewing patterns to replicate a maxi dress.


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  1. I've been so into maxi dresses lately. I bought 3 patterns and already have 1 I've made. They are just so perfect for summer!