Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Raceback Swimsuit (In Progress)

It has been so HOT in CALi...Omygosh! I have been working on this one piece racerback swimsuit using Jalie 3134. Here's a glimpse:

All I need is a bathing suit that is curve- friendly. That's it! But finding a racerback suitable for voluptuous-ness below the waist is super impossible. Thus, I dropped the leg opening down a bit on both  front and back. Here's the back view:

So far, I have been impressed with the spot on preciseness in fitting. I have to admit that getting caught up on fitting adjustments is probably my downfall. I am getting better at adjusting the fit for my curves, but it is a breath of fresh air when the pattern pieces fit like a glove.
The only adjustment that I had to make was with the back band and straps. The black lycra- spandex has way too much stretch that I had to make both of these pattern pieces three sizes smaller. Something I am planning to do to minimize the stretch is to add another layer of the same material on both the straps and back band. I guess it can be considered as lining the back band and straps to keep things simple. Nonetheless, I am very pleased with the fitting.

Happy summer sewing!!


  1. This is a really nice swimsuit you did a very good job on it and I love the fabric!

  2. great color! i love making swim wear too!

    1. Thanks a bunch! I enjoy making swimwear esp. for summer fun.