Saturday, November 3, 2012

Images of women wearing vests

I am on my second muslin on my vest (pictures of that later) and I was stuck on how women wear their vest. So I decided to do an image search on Bing to check out how versatile a vest can be. Look what I found:

Amazing! An asymmetrical vest with a cute little bow. This vest rocks the night club. Check out the vest for more daytime casual: 


I like the style and how it hugs the curves. It seems like there are four pleats on each side along with double welt pockets. On to the next ones:

The more I capture images of different women wearing vest, the more I pay attention to the silhouette. This is how I hope I vest will hug my body. Though, I would add more fabric to the hem to make it longer.
This vest has a unique buckle at the center front which gives the vest more punk pizzaz. Well, that's it for now.


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