Monday, November 26, 2012

Simplicity 2556 Vest: Second Muslin with Alterations

After pondering what a vest should look like on me, I made some pattern alterations near the armhole area. The pattern pieces that were affected by this change (added more fabric under armpit area) were the side back and side front pieces. In order for me to feel that I'm making gradual progress, I like to change my muslin fabric. Strange, but true. It's the change in color that convinces me to continue reaching my goal, one step at a time. Is the color of my vest going to be blue? Nope. I have purchased some black fabric on sale from the local big chain business near my city.

Whoops! I almost forgot to mention another alteration that I had to make on my simplicity vest. It's gonna get it's own paragraph. I tried on my first muslin, but noticed that the center front pieces were not meeting at my center front...hahaha. Fear not because what I have learned in my tailoring class is coming in handy for this correction. Here's what I did.  I brought out my tape measure, measured the amount of space needed to make the center front piece be in its rightful place (at my center front), and divided the amount by the total number of seam lines. Once I figured out the precise measurement, I added that exact amount to each stitch line. This method was taught to me by my sewing teacher when she helps us during our fitting sessions. So, here it is, my second muslin with alterations.  

Good night.

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