Sunday, March 24, 2013

Striped with Couture

Just thought I'd share this Kate Spade Striped Coat with the cutest bow on the side. I believe the retail price is $628 here. I needed to grab this image to remember how simple this coat looks and to guide my inspiration for later projects.

Product Image

See you.

Fear NOT Sleeve Adjustments

I have been working steadily on my 1940's retro dress from Simplicity 1777 to meet the deadline for my first sewing challenge as previously posted here. I love the pattern, but I have to admit, the pattern required a couple of major alterations around the waistline area, sleeves, and neckline. Since I used matte jersey fabric (stretchy), these changes have been easier to make.    


This is a picture of the sleeve with alterations- added 3 inches at the underarm area, added 2 inches to the sleeve cap, and pin-fitted the sleeve for a better fit. I am so excited about this dress because I absolutely love the pink/orange floral fabric. I already have the shoes! Take a peek:


It's all coming together slowly.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Pattern From My Stash

I have signed up for the Pattern Stash Contest over at pattern review. Check out the button:

Pattern Stash Contest  200px 

I like the idea of looking through my stash and dedicating time to a pattern that I have purchased in the past. So, I did choose a pattern. Here you go:
I will do version B. I have been a busy bee this weekend. Here are some pictures of my pin fitting:

In a nutshell, these are the changes I have made so far to get the desired fit: (1) added 1.75 inches to the side seams, (2) pinned the princess seams at 0.5 inches and (3) dropped the neckline 0.5 inches. Those changes helped get the fit right for my curves.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

An Upscale Frock for Spring

It's a combination of the weather change and daylight savings time, but I'm really thinking of altering a pattern to mold it into a fanciful frock from Oscar De La Renta. Here is the inspiring dress:

Love, love, love the black and white dress on the left side. I have no idea how much this dress would cost, but I'm sure it's out of my price But, that's why I sew. I have to look through my patterns to see which ones come close to make my own version of this uptown, classy dress.
I do have the Peony dress pattern from Colette. The structure of the Peony Dress seems to match the profile of the Oscar De La Renta dress. Of course, the changes that would be made include (1) changing the neckline to a V-neck, (2) Take out the sleeves, (3) Add the neckline detail, and (4) make a bow belt.

Here's a quick sketch of what would be my Upscale Peony Inspired Frock by Oscar De La Renta:

My apologies for my simply sketch.

That's it for now.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Basted and Sleeveless Simplicity 1777


Here I am wearing my version of Simplicity 1777 on matte jersey fabric. I had to switch the fabric as previously mentioned here. I also realized that the muslin fabric I was using (linen) did not match the fabric I was going to use (matte jersey).
I love how the dress looks, but when I followed the instructions for gathering the center front bodice and skirt, I had to get rid of them. I decide to keep the inverted gather at the center front and eliminated the rest. These extra gathers near my waistline were not working for me because gathers add bulk. So, out the window they go, asap!!
Everything has been machine basted. Now, its time for the sleeves.

Hasta Luego.