Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Pattern From My Stash

I have signed up for the Pattern Stash Contest over at pattern review. Check out the button:

Pattern Stash Contest  200px 

I like the idea of looking through my stash and dedicating time to a pattern that I have purchased in the past. So, I did choose a pattern. Here you go:
I will do version B. I have been a busy bee this weekend. Here are some pictures of my pin fitting:

In a nutshell, these are the changes I have made so far to get the desired fit: (1) added 1.75 inches to the side seams, (2) pinned the princess seams at 0.5 inches and (3) dropped the neckline 0.5 inches. Those changes helped get the fit right for my curves.



  1. I need to join this... I have about 10 patterns waiting to be made!

  2. Yes, you should!! The contest is only two days old. It just started on March 16th. Go for it:)