Monday, April 1, 2013

Sew for Victory Entry PICS

Today was the deadline for the the 1940's sew along hosted by Rochelle from Lucky Lucille. Check out her blog here. This was my first time participating in a sew along that was truly at your own pace. I started working on my retro dress from Simplicity, as mentioned here and here, sometime in February. There were many adjustments, bloopers, mishaps, and fitting issues that I had to plow through in order to finish in time. So here are the pictures that my hubby took:



Overall, the dress looks fabulous to the untrained eye, but it does have unfinished hems at the bottom and sleeves. I had to do so many alterations because in the middle of this sew along, I made a lifestyle change. I decided to give up Fast Food for Lent, meaning I would be cooking my own meals at home. Well, I started loosing inches from bust, waist, and hip area gradually. Therefore, I kept having to fix the side seams because I wanted the dress to compliment my curves. It was a lot of hard work and feel super excited about these pics.


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  1. I can't see the pictures :( I had a lot of mishaps with my Sew For Victory dress too - so I feel your pain!

    -Amy (