Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm Gonna Mention my Unmentionables!

I am doing the happy dance because I just made some panties using lace. O-yeah, uh-huh!! I used McCall's 5651 version D with donated swimwear fabric and lace from my sewing class. Once again, I traced the pattern pieces onto tracing paper to preserve the original pattern pieces. I used a ballpoint needle, zig-zag stitch width 3 and length 4 for the braided elastic, and the lightning bolt stitch for lace.
This was my first time working with lace, so I turned to one of my sewing books for some helpful hints. The Complete Photo Guide to Sewing suggested to use a small zig-zag stitch. What a breeze. So here it is:


The pattern suggest to place elastic on the waist but I like how it looks without it. The area where the elastic meets the lace had to be modified. I folded the elastic side by side and used the lightning bolt stitch to make that part thinner. Come to think about it, I should make that alteration on the pattern piece. Ok, well these chonis were super comfortable and my hubby liked them. Shhh! Don't mention it.


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