Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hollywood Inspired Sewing Challenge

In my quest to find the Butterick Patterns 5880 as seen here and 5895 as seen here, I stumbled upon a sewing challenge they are having to celebrate 150th years. If you are interested, you can check here to find out more.
I took the time to  view their timeline that showed Butterick patterns "evolving through the decades.." (their words not Then, there it was- a picture of Marilyn Monroe wearing the iconic white halter top dress alongside B 4919 as seen here. I so HEART Marilyn Monroe and will be searching for an inspirational picture to possibly recreate the look. So far, check these 'hot little numbers' out:

Based on these pics, it seems like I have a particular style in mind. I like the figure hugging, slim-fitting dresses with a modest hemline. Now I have to see what sewing patterns can be used to make my desired look. If you have any suggestions on sewing patterns (it doesn't have to be Butterick), just drop a comment.

See ya.

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