Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday at the Beach

My hubby and I were just too lazy to cook breakfast, plus we had no bananas nor pancake mix. We made our way to the Omelette Inn based on all the positive yelp reviews. The food, service, and decor was on point. We will definitely be back to this place again.
 Afterwards, we decided to head to the beach. The weather was perfect.

I was armed with my tanning oil and book. My hubby was excited to fly his kite.
We couldn't help but to notice that further down the beach, we saw these giant, over-sized kites looming over the horizon. So we headed to this kite flying zone.
Yes, these were some huge kites. I guess kites have had some engineering advancements. I saw someone using an air pump for their massive kite. Then, people flying these kites had to wear a body harness. Go figure. Nonetheless, it was the ideal setting for a picture of us.

Hasta Luego! 

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