Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Time with Simplicity 1887 "Shorts"

So all this talk about shorts has finally paid off under my sewing machine. I found this gingham pink and white  fabric at a local thrift store a while back. This was perfect for my first muslin test garment at size 14 with half inch seam allowance. This is the front view:

I am really pleased with the fit of the shorts. I can see no drag lines or pull lines. The ease of the pattern really worked for my curves. Here is the backside:

I have walked, sat, and driven in my shorts. The shorts are comfortable. I am making a slight change on the waistband by chucking the bow on the front of the pattern. The directions were easy to follow. Now, here is a picture of the fabric and thread for the next pair of shorts:

Exploring this pattern to make my own pair of shorts is well worth my time.

Sew excited...lol

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