Friday, February 21, 2014

Exploring A Burdastyle Magazine

I bought the Burdastyle Magazine for Spring/Summer 2013 (Plus) a while back. It was the first time I invested in Burdastyle because I usually avoid them. Why? Well, if you must know, the sizing is very typical for gals that are on the slender, more proportioned side. My curves are full, ample and beyond their average sizing.
Did I mention this is a magazine for plus size? Honestly, I had to get over the whole word itself "PLUS"...ugh. I mean do we really need to announce it, and give it its own category. Then, the models they have don't really fill up the clothes because the models are too skinny for the fashion pieces. Once again, I just had to settle, accept, and move on.

Let me show you the goodies inside:

I am very excited about these looks. Since it will be my first time exploring a burdastyle magazine, I will be using the internet for hints on how to lift the pattern on to paper. I plan on chosing a design that has the least amount of pieces, just to get the hang of it.

Wish me luck!!

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