Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Visual Chart for "Figure Flaws" (Part 2 of 4)

My quest to use images to demonstrate possible solutions for our "figure flaws" according to McCall's Step-By-Step Book continues. If you are interested, click here for part 1 of 4.

If you have a Thick Rib Cage, McCall's book suggest these solutions:
"Boxy jackets, bloused bodices, soft draping and over blouses." Check these images:

and AVOID the following trends:
"Snug midriff styles"

If you are Short-Waisted, McCall suggest the following solutions:
"Low waisted designs, hip length jackets, and over blouses with smooth, uninterrupted lines. Peep this:
McCall's sewing book suggest AVOIDING these styles:
"Contrasting waist belts, very slim and very full skirts."


If you are Long-Waisted, some Suitable Solutions include:
"Wide sashes, set-in midriffs, contrasting belts, tunics, peplums, [and] long jackets."
McCall's book suggest to AVOID these fashion designs:
"Top heavy look from wearing skirts too short." Picture it:


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