Sunday, January 6, 2013

Stay-cation to Mountain High

My muscles are aching, sore and bruised from an amazing weekend of snowboarding at Mountain High in Wrightwood, CA. We stayed at the Yellow House Inn, rented our snowboarding equipment from Benny's and made our way to the EAST SIDE of Mountain High that caters to beginners.
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 Here's a picture of the Easy Riders Lift:
If you are a beginner, or need a refresher or are traveling to the snow with someone who has had a negative experience with snowboarding, this is the perfect starting point. Do yourself a favor and bring them to this slope that stands only 10 feet tall. You will see people of all ages learn how to ski or snowboard. We hiked up to the nearest tree, locked our snowboards in place, and struggled to stand up. We had to figure out how to shift and distribute the weight of our bodies in order NOT to fall. Snowboarding is challenging, requires upper body strength and BIG fun.

Here I am wearing my snowboarding pants and jacket from Burlington Coat Factory (yes, they have snowboarding gear, thanks Vicky for the tip):

I fell. He fell. We all laughed.    

I posted links just in case you are interested in your own snowboarding adventure.


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