Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tailoring Class: First Demo - Hand Sewing

Summer is truly over when you have to go back to school (teardrop), but that means Fall is just around the corner waiting to sprinkle its autumn hues. On week #2 of my tailoring class, the professor introduced us to some hand sewing to give the "couture" touch to our garments. She demonstrated the uneven stitch, even stitch, tailor's stitch, backstitch, prick stitch, Stem Stitch, and blanket stitch. When people would finish some of the hand stitching, she would check how it looks on the back of the wool fabric. Part of her lecture included tips to become more efficient at hand sewing. First, she explained why it's good practice to thread more than one needle with thread length from fingertips to elbow. The "mishap" that occurs- your thread begins to lose its strength the longer it is and possibly lead to you busting out of your seams. I am so guilty of hand sewing with one needle on thread the length of  Rupenzel's hair... lol...No more! She also mentioned that our thread gets more durability and strength when you use beeswax. The darker the beeswax the longer it will last. In my toolbox, I had an assortment of needle sizes which really made it easy to grab the ones I needed. She showed us different types of thimbles and suggested to find one that fits your needs.        

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