Sunday, April 13, 2014

Simplicity: A Vintage Bra from the 50's

Every time my local, big chain fabric store had a sale on Simplicity patterns, I would check for their new vintage pattern from the 1950's, but I could never find it in my size. So for the first time, in a long time, I bought the pattern at full price: $10.75 with a coupon from

I traced the pattern on tracing paper and added an extra 3/8" to give me a total one inch seam allowance.

I did my best to  follow every step to the tee. On steps 1 through 4, I felt like I was on a roll. However, step 5 (smh) slowed my sewing flow. It reads, "Understitch  by pressing seam toward lining and stitching through seam allowances close to seam."  I had to do a quick youtube search on understitching, Once I figured out the correct seams to understitch, things were running smooth. I had to spend some time with my seam ripper because I made a blooper. I understitched correctly, but on the wrong My seam ripper rocks!!

The flowers on my fabric are very busy, so I used a solid color to balance everything out. I am glee happy to have almost finished this bra top. Here it is:

I just need to complete step 16, which means I have to add the buttons. Right now, a safety pin is completing the ensemble. See it:

This was my practice run for this pattern. I made some mistakes and learned from them. I plan on making version B and C on a later date. I am loving this vintage bra top.

Hasta Luego!!