Friday, December 14, 2012

Virtually NOT Hubby-Approved

I finished my muslin for the clover pants. Seek a peek:
                         Front View                                                  Back View

I did major fitting adjustments following the tips posted here. I also had to fix the "U" shaped crotch curve.  I grabbed a tape measure and started making a little chart of the measurements from my favorite pair of jeans with good fit versus the Clover pants pattern on paper.  Here's a look at the chart:


The difference in measurements from my favorite jeans to clover pattern gets distributed accordingly on the paper pattern. I also changed the length of my waistband. For whatever reason, a wider waistband seems to support my curves better than a thinner waistband. Now that I'm pleased with the fit of my clover pants, my hubby voiced his opinion about my virtual clover pants using the loud black and white fabric. Technically, I could pair up my virtual clover pants with solid black, gray, or white tops. He claims that the denim fabric would look better on a jacket. Nonetheless, I have to find some fabric for my clover pants or go for the bold.


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